3rd Class On The Big Screen!

3rd Class participated in a series of workshops in the Royal Hibernian Academy with artist, Julie Webber to create a performance art film. It is now showing on the screen in Wilton Park every Saturday and Sunday, 12pm – 4pm, for the next few weeks.

Bring your popcorn and go check it out!


Congratulations to the boys 5th & 6th Class football team who had a resounding victory, winning 7:2 against Springdale National School. Thank you to our opponents in Springdale National School for the exciting match. 

Congratulations team! 


Coffee Shop with Senior Infants!

Senior Infants have been exploring the theme of food this month. 

As part of Aistear, they have been role-playing in a café, writing their own menus and making food from playdough and Lego.

Yummy yummy!



5th Class – Marathon Kids 2021

5th class are taking a daily run as part of Marathon Kids Ireland 2021.

Keep going 5th Class!




4th Class Tree of Life

4th class students each produced a beautiful ‘Tree of Life’. Each part of the tree represented a different part of them themselves. The roots represent important people in their lives and meaningful items and their favourite places. The trunk represents their skills and characteristics. The rain drops represent challenges they face. The branches represent their hopes and dreams and the fruit represents the lessons they have learnt. The seeds represent gifts they can pass on to others.


3rd Class Projects!

Third Class Red revised mixed operations with Kahoot last week. They presented fabulous projects and brushed up on their punctuation! Lovely work 3rd Class!