Junior Infants in Pine Forest!

Junior Infants had a lovely trip to Pine Forest Art Centre last week. They used natural art materials and learned all about nature. 



Active Week Circus Workshop

Last week we had Active Week in school and wow have the children been active!

We had a circus skills workshop as part of our activities. Here come the clowns! Well done everyone!



Seion Infants Explore Money!

Senior Infants have been learning all about money and have been doing lots of different tasks to explore the different coins! 


5th Class in the News!

5th Class in the News!

5th Class Red and their Gaelic Green Tongue Project made it into the news! Here it is on News2Day

Well done 5th Class Red!


Art Class Outside!

4th class took their Art lesson outside last week, focusing on shading and shadows. The children explored Herbert Park and captured an image using their Ipad. They practiced taking photos from different angles and compared and contrasted the pictures. Once the children completed their picture they then went on a hunt to find materials in the environment to frame their pictures!


Lava Lamps with 2nd Class!

2nd class combined science (materials and change) and literacy (explanation writing) last week to make some very impressive lava lamps. You can watch their lovely lamps here.

The students were able to use their predicting and investigating skills as well as explaining how the experiment worked. 

There was a lot of excitement and amazement in the air. 

Well done 2nd Class!

Noah Behan-Green-Schools Poster Competition Winner!

6th class student, Noah Behan, received his prize at the Green School Awards Ceremony last week for his winning entry to the poster competition for this year’s theme: Groundwater, our hidden treasure.

Congratulations Noah!


2nd Class to 6th Class began a 5 week introductory course on fencing last week. 

They began with the basics such as guard stance, moving forward and backward, attack and defence. 

It will run for the next 4 weeks finishing up during active week.

There were some sore leg muscles on Wednesday morning!

Fashion in Fifth!

5th class Red were busy designing and creating an outfit as part of a group last week! Their creativity shone through, making tops, bags, hats, shoes and more! Finishing off with their very own fashion show! 

Well done 5th class! 


1st Class STEM Workshop!

Last week 1st Class  participated in a STEM workshop where they created a motorised LEGO Technic model of a Windmill. 

They explored technology used by modern day wind turbines. 

They also learned that wind turbines turn wind energy into electricity and how they impact our everyday life. 

Most importantly they had great fun! 

Well done 1st Class!