Heart To Hand Shoebox Appeal

Thank you to everyone who donated to the Heart to Hand  Shoebox Appeal so generously last week. There was an incredible response to the appeal and it’s always so lovely to be a part of.

Thank you. 




5th Class Getting Winter Performance Ready!

Fifth Class are hard at work putting together their Winter themed play script for their Christmas performance.

We can’t wait to see it 5th Class!

Epic Adventures In 6th Class!

Last week, 6th Class went on a journey of discovery to EPIC, the Irish Emigration Museum.

Some were branded as convicts and sent far far awaaaayyyyyy…

Active in 3rd Class!

3rd Class has been getting active and exercising for 5 minutes each day. 

Thanks to the Active School’s committee who has kept the class motivated!

Keep going 3rd Class!

4th Class Take On A Teamwork Challenge!

In keeping with the festive theme, 4th Class was tasked to dress one of their classmates up as a mummy within a time limit. The children worked on strategies, team work and communication. But most importantly they had fun!

Happy Hallowe’en From Junior Infants!

In anticipation of Hallowe’en, Junior Infants learnt Halloween colours and words in Sanskrit with Mrs Kinlay! They really enjoyed colouring their pictures and celebrating Halloween in Sanskrit!
Happy Hallowe’en everyone!

Maths Week Fun In 2nd Class!

2nd class did lots of fun maths week activities! They created their own snakes and ladders board game, set off on a maths trail around the school completing maths challenges, and they created amazing tessellation art pieces.
Great stuff 2nd Class!

Maths Week With 3rd Class!

Third class had great fun during maths week last week. They incorporated maths into lots of different activities. They had lots of discussion around maths in the environment and how they use maths every single day. Here are some pictures of a maths trail, trying to “untie” a human knot and playing ‘pig’ in groups and pairs which they really enjoyed.

Exploring in Senior Infants!

Senior Infants went exploring in the Secret Garden (Shhhhh). They were on the hunt for all things Autumn!

The Sky Is The Limit In Fourth Class!

The Sky is the Limit!
4th class really challenged their growth mindsets and patience last month by creating a paper maché hot air balloon over the course of 3 weeks!
They all tackled brand new concepts, accepted new challenges and showed fantastic perseverance. The results of these fantastic efforts are now hanging around the school stairways.
Well done 4th Class!