Senior Infants Yellow-WINNERS!

Today Senior Infants Yellow received a certificate to congratulate them on coming 1st in their category for the Dublin Simon Community colouring competition they entered in December! 

The picture was a message of hope for people sleeping rough over Christmas. 

They celebrated today with an ice cream 🙂  Well done Senior Infants Yellow!


Irish and International Young Philosopher Awards-WINNER!!

The Irish Young Philosophers Awards were announced yesterday and…We have a winner!!!!

And a highly commended!!! With 4 of the 12 finalists coming from JSNS! 

Congratulations Savannah Phoenix Munroe on her project ‘Is Race a Social Construct?’ and winning the overall primary category and to Cara Griffin receiving a Highly Commended for her project, ‘Is Going back to normal after lockdown a good thing?’. Congratulations!!!



Irish and International Young Philosopher Awards-JSNS finalists!

Fantastic News!!

In this year’s Irish and International Young Philosopher Awards, 4 of the finalists in the 5th & 6th Class Category are all from John Scottus National School!

The winners will be announced tomorrow at 1.00pm so stay tuned!

Fingers crossed for our philosophical finalists! 

More information can be found here


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JI explore the vet-an tréidlia

Last week Junior Infants had great fun exploring visiting the vet-an tréidlia, in their Aistear curriculum. Aistear is the early childhood curriculum framework for all children from birth to 6 years, using four interconnected themes to describe children’s learning and development: Wellbeing, Identity and Belonging, Communicating, and Exploring and Thinking.

3rd Class Projects!

Third Class Red revised mixed operations with Kahoot last week. They presented fabulous projects and brushed up on their punctuation! Lovely work 3rd Class!

Science in Senior Infants!

This week Senior Infants Yellow conducted a scientific investigation to discover what everyday items float and sink. They investigated tennis balls, money, an apple and even their teacher’s keys! They thoroughly enjoyed predicting and testing their ideas. 


#floating #science #primaryschool 

Planet Earth!

3rd Class have been learning about Earth’s processes this week and to show off how much they learnt in the unit they made their own earth booklet. They collaged the cover with tissue paper and wrote some amazing facts they learnt. Lovely work 3rd Class!


World Maths Day!

3rd Class celebrated World Maths Day last week by challenging children around the world on their Mathletics account. Some children even made the Hall of Fame. Well done to our Mathletics King and Queen for earning the highest points this week!

Senior Infants yellow on the hunt for minibeasts!

Last week Senior Infants Yellow had a very exciting science lesson in the secret garden. They were on the hunt for minibeasts! They learnt about their importance to the environment and the places they like to hide. They saw woodlouse, flies, bees, ants and snails.

Endangered animals with 3rd class!

3rd class have been busy this week learning about endangered animals and also debating if zoos are the best place for animals. They also wrote letters to the Taoiseach to persuade him  to either close zoos or keep them open, and created wonderful animal portraits using cardboard, egg cartons and paint.