2nd Class Do Habitats!

2nd class created amazing habitats using recycled materials. They also created a  non-fiction poster on the animal that would live in their habitat. They have been doing lots of research and will be presenting their reports to other classes.  

Well done second class!

Fruity First Class!

First Class have been learning about Fruit in SESE. 

As part of their Science lesson, they tried various types of fruit and used adjectives they had learned in English to describe the colour, smell and taste of each!

Tasty work 1st Class!

Growth Mindset in 5th Class!

5th Class have been doing lots of work on growth mindset and confidence building.

We could all take some inspiration from this.

Thank you 5th Class💙

Seó Faisin, Literacy Circles and Drama in 3rd Class!

It has been a busy week for 3rd class. The class had a lot of fun during their “Seó Faisin” (fashion show) after learning about eadaí. They used persuasive writing in English to tie this in with their drama where they were challenged to show a story in 3 Frozen Images. They also participated in literary circles and worked in roles to finish off the novel James and the Giant Peach.

An Mhaith 3rd Class!

4th Class Use Mote!

Last term, 4th class had the fantastic opportunity to work with Ms O’Donnell on creating an imaginative story that will then be recorded by the children, with loads of expression using a Google Chrome extension called Mote. 

The class is very excited to be expanding its technology skills! 

3rd Class Young Engineers!

Throwback Tuesday!

Back in November, an engineer came to visit 3rd Class!

The class showcased their own engineering designs for the Steps Young Engineer Award. They worked hard to plan, design and create their ideas and did a super job with their teamwork, creativity and presentation skills. Well done 3rd Class!

3rd Class Carol Singing!

The children in 3rd Class have been working like busy elves to prepare a repertoire of festive favourites to help raise money for the Black Santa Appeal 2022!

They sang beautifully on the front steps of our lovely school.


2nd Class Invent Amazing Toys!

2nd class have invented their own amazing toys!

Each of their toys had very unique features. The class then used fantastic persuasive vocabulary to persuade Miss Murphy to buy their toys! Each child presented their work to the class and were awarded two stars and a wish by their peers.

Wonderful work 2nd Class!

Junior Infants’ Active Break Challenge

Junior Infants have been participating in the ‘Active Break Challenge’ led by Mr Gibney. 

It’s a great opportunity for Junior Infants to have a ‘brain break’ to enable them to focus and participate in learning activities. 

Students pick from the ‘active brain break box’ which includes plank, stretching, jumping jacks, dancing and brain break chase videos. 

The children love this as a transition from one lesson to another and it greatly improves their engagement in lessons. 

Thank you to Mr Gibney for leading this initiative!

5th Class Explore The Human Body!

Last week, Fifth Class created Google Jamboards on the parts of the brain after reading ‘Fantastic Elastic Brain’, and later researched other organs in the body. The class recorded and presented their findings with their groups!