Coronavirus Handbook for Kids


Keeping your family safe during the pandemic is an important challenge, especially if you have young children at home.

Happily, Gill Books has come up with a solution:

Coronavirus: A Book For Children

This guide will go a long way to explain in the simplest terms why maintaining safe social distancing measures is important to your youngest.

Download and print and stay safe, everyone.


Squat Hold

Third Time’s the Charm with Mr. Gibney’s Daily Challenge

If you’ve been missing out on keeping fit these past few weeks, then it’s never too late to join in on the fun, courtesy of our fitness expert and PE teacher, Mr. Gibney.

This week’s Daily Challenge brings a bevvy of new exercises to keep fit at home.

Start your week right with today’s challenge: the Squat Hold.

Mr. Gibney Daily Challenge

Mr. Gibney’s Daily Challenge Returns

Keep moving with Round Two of Mr. Gibney’s Daily Challenge.

Every day this week, you can start your day right with fun for the whole family as our PE teacher, Mr. Gibney gives you the workout you need to keep fit and healthy at home. Check it out now!

As always, we ask that you please be mindful during these difficult times, respect social distancing measures and please respect the 2km rule if you choose to go outside for these fitness challenges.


Darth Clancy

May the Force be with You

Darth Clancy

Darth Clancy

Welcome back! Scottus National School pushes on with our daily rites in living and learning.

In addition to daily instruction, we also endeavour to include weekly PE and Sanskrit lectures.

Even our morning general assemblies, delivered by our very own Principal Clancy, have been tailored to be aired live to each class, eight times a week.

This week’s theme is to take care of everyone. Have a look at our own “master” ensuring each student delight in the present. Have a good week and stay safe, everyone.

Up your Game with Mr. Gibney’s Daily Challenge


Start your Easter holidays right with Mr. Gibney’s Daily Challenge.

PE teacher Mr. Gibney invites you to jump, run, skip, step and squat on the spot every day this week in a bid to improve your health.

There’s a challenge for every day of  the week. Take the plunge.

Morning Assembly Now Online

Morning daily assembly lectures started this week with great results.

“We had our second online assembly this morning with children from 2nd to 4th classes,” says Principal Cónall Clancy.

“Children are missing the 5’Ps: pausing, philosophy, practicing, pizza, and maybe, the Principal!”

Many thanks to Principal Clancy, the staff and the parents for all of their continued efforts during this time.

Musical Dress Rehearsal



Despite the disruption caused by the coronavirus, a full dress rehearsal of The King’s Dark Secret went ahead on Thursday, just hours before the school and theatre closed down. Check it out!





Our newest pupil!

Christmas Shoe Box Appeal – Thank You