35 years old today!

Can you believe that our lovely school was born thirty five years ago today?! Read on for some JSNS trivia!

John Scottus was established by a number of parents who were inspired by eastern and western philosophy. They saw spirituality as the true essence of every human being and the school welcomes those of all faiths and those of none.

Our school is named after John Scottus Eriugena, the Platonist philosopher, theologian and poet of Ireland’s Golden Age.

Since the doors opened there has been a strong emphasis placed on the regular practice of meditation and mindfulness which strengthens focus, enhances awareness and connects the student to a sense of quiet presence whether in stillness or in activity.

Our motto, Laetus Impraesens,’Delight in the Present’, expresses the importance we attribute to being fully present and connected in every moment. We practice this daily through pausing and mindfulness.