Rubbish Musical Instruments

Ms. Russell’s Rubbish music challenge is in full swing!
We have received some pieces already and shared some at assembly.
Check out this guitar from Leonardo!

Balance Challenge

Monday Balance Challenge!

How quickly can you get around the compass?

How many times can you get around the compass in one minute?

Watch Mr Gibney’s demo here!

Friday Cardio Challenge!

Friday cardio challenge! 

End the week with some bear crawl and wobbly walks!

Can you think of another exercise to try?

Try the challenge with Mr Gibney here.


Hand Foot Eye Coordination Challenge!

Hand foot eye coordination! 

See how many you can catch!

Watch Mr Gibney’s demo here.

Live PE @ 12 o’clock!

🧦 get moving with our fantastic Mr. Gibney’s P.E. challenge live at 12 p.m. today !!🧦

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Shadow Art with Ms Marsh!

Join Ms Marsh in her shadow art class and use what you have at home to create something beautiful!

Watch her art class here.

Toilet Roll Balance Challenge!

Toilet roll balance PE challenge!

Can you get into position without letting the toilet roll fall?

Try the challenge with Mr Gibney here.

Towel Fold Throw Challenge!

Towel fold throw PE challenge

Can you hit the target every time?

Watch the demo with Mr Gibney here.

Sock flick challenge!

Sock flick challenge!

How many can you catch in one minute?

Watch Mr Gibney’s demo video here!

Sock throw challenge! 

Get your targets ready for the sock throw challenge! Underarm, overarm, right hand, left hand. Which will you choose?

Watch the video here.